About ROKO

When Mr. Daniel Aler founder of the company, created his first agar factory in 1955, he had a firm commitment in producing Agar-Agar with the most advanced technology available and with a view set on large scale development for the future.



The commitment posed a formidable challenge and only the constant striving and the firm determination of him and his collaborators could bring the enterprise to fulfil its aims.

As a result, the goal we set ourselves half century ago, has been attained. Industrias ROKO is now recognized as an international reference in the Agar industry and the largest manufacturer in Europe, exporting its products to every continent.

Quality, reliability, efficiency and constant innovation have been the key factors to the success of our company.


Sales & Logistic

ROKO produces Agar in powder and cut-strip form which we serve in an ample range of mesh sizes and gel strengths. ROKO Agar is available in 10, 25 and 50 kilo drums with inner liner and also in 500 grs and 1 kilo jars.

Today’s demands for careful planning by users call for a Just in Time delivery policy and in this regard we enjoy the benefit of ample facilities as well as a properly classified stock that covers the full range of our Agar-Agar products.

ROKO’S export market

The location of our factory in Asturias is quite a successful choice because it is excellently well communicated by land, sea and air and that advantage makes Agar forwarding easy to perform. We enjoy the vicinity of the seaport at Gijon with frequent sailings to European and American ports. The international airport is close-by and we are at a short drive from the international goods consolidating macrostation at the French border.

These excellent logistic conditions make possible the delivery of our orders in less than one week to European destinations and 3 weeks to the United States and Japan. Additionally, we are able to despatch your urgent and unexpected Agar requirements within 2 to 3 days from receipt of order.

Close commercial contact with customers

We regularly visit customers all over the world and we maintain a close contact in order to understand and respond to their needs


ROKO employs a highly qualified technicalc and thermic power plant, and separate facility for the treatment of effluent in the team that has been considerably enlarged over the years and who are backed by many years of experience in the field.

Our laboratory technicians maintain a strict quality control of the manufacturing process, are responsible for our R&D projects, and provide technical assistance to our worldwide customers.

The laboratory is equipped with the most advanced analytical instruments and equipment, allowing us to guarantee high precision in our control procedures. In addition we have a pilot plant, where new types of Agar are developed and tested and also a Microbiology section where we monitor the bacterial growth and behaviour of our Agar.

Innovation and continued improvement are both part of ROKO’s philosophy. Every year we re-invest and devote a substantial part of our resources to research furthering the field of application of our Agar products and to produce new types, so as to keep in line with the ever increasing trends of specific applications of different types of Agar.


Quality Management

ROKO employs a Quality Assurance system certified in ISO 9001-2008 by Lloyd’s of London so as to give our worldwide customers the guarantee of quality and reproducibility of our products.

Our quality system includes perfectly defined product specifications, quality protocols for each specification, procedures and assay instructions for both, the manufacturing process and the finished product. We at ROKO apply strict HACCP measures under the surveillance of the Spanish authority as appropriate.

We are also certified according to the ISO 14001-2004 standard which certifies compliance with all the rules and regulations of environmental preservation.

ROKO is also registered with:

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States.
  • Spanish Health Ministry Registration No. 31.00903/0-08315.
  • Annual Kosher certification.




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